When you join your fellow
golfers on the fairway,
liven up the game with
stylish casual fashion.
How can you not get hooked on it?

You want to do it right but still have fun.
And if the game is fun, you want utility from your clothing.
VIVA HEART lets you play for real, but your way.
That is Japan’s new global standard for sports.
It’s a brand that excites you via a mix of functionality with class and trendiness.
“Enjoy Golf Wear” to relish the diversity.

If you want to fill your heart with the light of the Sun
and inject maximum fun into your life,
then you've got the energy that's just right for
Youthful Golf Wear.

Victory Heart= Enjoying Golf

The VH mark symbolizes not only simple victory,
but also the satisfaction of enjoying golf.
Thea mark above the V resembles the flame of the Olympic Torch and effervescent joy.

Values that connect. A broader world.

Together with Heart Eye and Victory Heart, VIVA HEART the brand that became a line of “first touchable wear”, is delivering happy experiences of ultimate fun with your friends.