Scandinavian Heritage
Functional Technology
Progressive Tailoring

Since day one we have fused fashion and sports.
Outstanding products with a high sense of fashion awareness and quality, flexible and multipurpose solutions form the true characteristics of J.Lindeberg.
A sleek, precise or sporty silhouette-always with a sense of effortless elegance.

The style is unique and original, filled with both technically innovative and sartorial
details not found elsewhear, on or off the course, reflecting our modern and progressive character perfectly.
High performance technical fabrics as well as classical tailoring weaves are used to achieve ultimate comfort
for the professional as well as the amateur player. The golf collection manages to communicate modern, active sports and fashionable elegance at the same time.
Already a modern classic, the J.Lindeberg Golf collection is worn globally on the Asian Tour, the PGA Tour and
the European Tour by some of the best golfers in the world.

Brand Story

Johann Lindbergh (JOHAN LINDEBERG) was born in Sweden on August 4, 1957. An international marketing director and a general person in charge of visual advertisement are experienced in a diesel. A diesel grew big
at the time of Lindbergh's enrollment, and the advertising strategies called a genius of marketing was
developed. The name which is itself in 1996 in Stockholm in Sweden, the brand which put on a crown and Jay Lindbergh (J. LINDEBERG) are established. In 1999, the first road surface store is opened in Stockholm. In
2000, a shop is opened in New York Soho. After that a shop is opened in a city of all the countries.