Surf meets Golf

Surf meets Golf.
Trad meets Casual.
Town meets Golf.
LA meets Japan.
Golf meets Freedom.
You meet new life.
"To be free"


To be free

We want to help people enjoy their golf game with a natural stance, free of care.
This is the Rosasen manufacturing mindset – craftsmanship that defies boundaries.
This is golf wear that offers true freedom to create your own fashion and coordinate your own style at both work and play.

Brand Story

Founder Chris Rosaasen

Chris Rosaasen was born in Southern California. His grandfather had a single-digit handicap, and under his influence he started playing golf at five years old. While studying finance at college, he worked at a local country club as an assistant to the golf pro.
Living on the West Coast, Rosaasen was also an avid surfer, and one day, he began to think about how restrictive golf fashion was. People could only wear polo shirts and slacks in conservative colors. Rosaasen wanted clothing that made it possible to go surfing in the morning and then head straight from the beach to the golf course.
Rosaasen was founded in 1999 on Melrose Avenue in LA. By integrating elements of traditional clothing and casual wear, Rosasen brings a new perspective to golf life with a brand that can be worn on the green or out on the town. In a heartbeat, the brand was accepted by younger generation who are always keeping an eye on what’s new.