Play Smart. Live Healthy.

A new generation has begun.
People who live wisely—beautifully—have started to wake up to
what they want.
They want to wear simple, sporty, and comfortable clothes—whether it be on a normal day, a day of relaxation, or a day spent being active.
You could say they want to break free from constraints.
The days of dressing up in flashy
clothes are over.
People want to live more and more naturally.
They want to live fun and free, with no restrictions on their actions. They want to stay relaxed.
That’s right, fashion with a specific purpose is no longer needed.
People just want to stroll around outside greenery in a laid-back style.
They want clothes that will let them live true to themselves all the time. Clothes that will let them make the most of every moment, every day.
Enter HENRY Club, the brand these people have been waiting for.
The brand’s lineup features all the functionality and dreamlike comfort you need for sports. But that’s not all—it adds a touch of style to everyday lives and a simplicity you’ll never tire of, opening the door to a sophisticated, universally relaxing lifestyle.
This is a brand for healthy, beautiful people who want to spend their lives doing sports.


We thought that an image that combines casualness with sophisticated elegance and an image that is bursting with the energy you’d expect from sportwear would be appropriate for the logo.
This also connects to the spirit of sports—like facing up to your inner self, striking a balance with the outside world, and maintaining harmony with yoga. The logo also expresses the idea of releasing glowing light energy, fitting in with the brand concept of enjoying sports.

Japan Creation

Manufactured by
ASICS Apparel Industry Corporation

We formed a team combining the production capacity of ASICS
and the creation of
GRIP INTERNATIONAL to create a Japanese brand in pursuit of the ultimate sporting quality.