Play Elegant.

A style-golf brand
meeting the wishes of those that are looking to enjoy
everything this elegant sport has to offer

Sport and elegance. Chic and casual. Basic fashions and the latest trends. Nature and urban life. Healing and exciting. We don’t want one or the other, we want both. Not just one, but all.The time of choosing one or the other, of only having one wish fulfilled is behind us. We are able to fulfill all wishes of adults looking to indulge themselves in this voracious age. We are in an era where people are looking for a taste of elegance not just through golf and sport, but through soulful, cultural and artistic pursuits as well. We offer styles of fashion perfectly matched to this age where value is found through the combination of many elements in the one concept and refining it to perfection. For example, just as smartphones don’t function just as phones but as a kind of stylistic choice (way of living), Heal Creek is a brand of golf wear that brings a style (way of living) all of its own based on a philosophy of“curiosity”and“diversity.”


Heal Creek's image character,Henry

Dogs are the one animal that have opted to live among people and we have remained close since long ago. Among dogs, Heal Creek's image character Henry is an English-born Airedale terrier, a breed well renowned as the "King of Terries." Stanfing before a team of Pioneers and pushing himself further into new Frontiers, Henry is sure to use his sensitive nose to sniff out any changes in the times and lead the Heal Creek brand to new places. Able to provide comfort to those around him with his fluffy,charming exterior,he also can put on a bold,sprightly face as a hunting dog, making him the perfect means of communicationg the concept behind the Heal Creek brand.