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■About Skins

It has been our mission to help those passionate about active living on their
pursuit of personal excellence since 1996. This was when our Australian founder
Brad Duffy a Physiology Scientist saw need for more functional compressionwear
specifically for high-intensity sport and fitness.
SKINS itself is on its own personal quest for excellence too. As the original and
unrivalled pioneers in the field of compression,we continue to challenge the
conventional boundaries of generic activewear and our latest Series 5, Series 3
and Series 1 series does just that.

■Golf wear collection

Sporty design based on monotone tones
Golf is a sport that is constantly demanding on the body due to driving and long playing time, and wearing SKINS compression wear can help reduce damage to muscles, maintain condition, recover quickly from fatigue, and prevent muscle soreness. SKINS golf wear, which can further increase the comfortable sensation when worn with compression wear, has a good compatibility without problems such as static electricity, and a spacious size with an unpretentious, sporty, and stress-free design.

SKINS Golf wear collection Debut